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Eye Checkup Today Not Good, Having Another Eye Surgery Today

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 04-09-2009

This morning I met with my eye doctor for a post op.  It didn’t take long before for he said things didn’t look good.  I had more fluid build up on my eye and I had developed a lot of scar tissue.  My problem is I heal too quickly.  My wife has always been amazed that I’ll get a cut one day and then almost be healed the next.  While I am no Wolverine when it comes to healing I do tend to heal faster than most.  When it comes to healing in the eye, slower is better.

The doctor scheduled me immediately for surgery for today at 1:00 PM.  This time the procedure will be a vitrectomy with silicone oil. 

I knew something wasn’t right as I knew the measurements I had taken on my eye the past week didn’t show any progress.  This surgery is not suppose to be as bad as the last one, but really, are there any good eye surgeries? I don’t think so. 

Here we go again.

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Hope everything turns out well for you – Eyes are so important (especially in your line of work)… Good luck 🙂

Wow.. not the best news, but all the best Keith. I sincerely hope it all goes well for you. I’ll be keeping a watch on Twitter and the blog for updates.

I hope your surgery goes well!


I’ve been keeping up with our progress and and i really hate to hear this news. You and your wife are in my prayers and I hope everything turns out ok.

Remember, I’m in the area if you need anything.


Sorry to hear. Good luck. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

I’ve had eye injuries but no surgeries. It’s a serious thing since we use our eyes a lot in our profession.

I hope all goes well for you Keith. I’ll be praying for a successful outcome.

Sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well.

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