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Deep Fried Bytes #36: What Happens In The Speaker’s Lounge is Supposed to Stay In the Speaker’s Lounge

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Podcast | Posted on 12-09-2009



Speakers that speak at a lot of Code Camps, Conferences, and various user groups spend an enormous amount of personal time and money to bring valuable information to the community.  In this episode I sat down with a bunch of speakers while at the DevLink 2009 conference and discussed “Why do we do what we do?” among other things.  It is a fun episode and there are even some outtakes at the end.

This episode also breaks our record for the number of guests in one episode with over 12 guests!  Hope you enjoy.

NOTE:  We had a problem with the RSS feed on the site if you are already a subscriber to the show.  Be sure you update your feed to pull in the correct version of this show.  Somehow show #29 snuck into the feed instead of the correct version.

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