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Running WCF Service in IIS on Windows 7 Error: no svc MIME Type

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in MVP10, WCF | Posted on 06-11-2009

This evening I deployed a Silverlight application to my local machine while trying to debug a security / authorization issue.  I setup a quick web application in IIS7 on a fairly fresh new version of Windows 7.  When I opened the page for the service I was presented with the following.


I went in and looked at the MIME types in IIS7 and sure enough, there wasn’t a .svc MIME type.  If you, dear reader, just installed Windows 7 (or Vista) and run into this same issue here is the fix.  It is easy.  Go to the following path and run the following utility on a command prompt as an administrator (very important!).

c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\servicemodelreg -i

When you run the command you’ll see this and that is a good thing.  After it completes try to reload your page.  At least *that* error will be taken care of. 


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I followed the below thread…
“Got the same problem. Solved by goint into programs – windows features.net framework 3.5.1 and selected WCF http activation” It worked for me too. Thanks.

Got the same problem. Solved by goint into programs – windows features
.net framework 3.5.1 and selected WCF http activation

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