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Eye Surgery Update

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 12-11-2009

A lot of people keep asking me about my eye so I thought I’d give an update so I can keep things “DRY” (don’t repeat yourself).  I obviously haven’t been blogging much lately, and the episodes of the podcast have been hard to get out (although we got one out first of the week). When you can’t see very well you don’t feel like “playing” on the computer.  It is just a constant reminder.  I basically go to work and that is as much as I can stand in front of the computer.  Oh, and by the way, white backgrounds were made by the devil.  I wish there was a setting in Windows to invert all white backgrounds to black and the black text to white.  My eye is still red so there is healing to do yet.

All in all I’m managing.  My good eye is just doing more work.  I can actually feel it take over in a lot of situations and darken out my other eye as if I’m looking out of one eye even though the other is open.  It is funny how the human body works.

To show you what I see here’s what I did.  I took a screen shot of the Google News home page and blurred it to give you an idea as to how it looks to me sitting in my computer chair.



What It Looks Like To Me With Correction


See the bulge in the image?  That was done on purpose because of swelling still inside of my eye.  It doesn’t look exactly like that but close enough.  Actually there should be about 2 more bulges to make it more accurate.  If there was a ripple effect in Paint.Net I’d used that, but there wasn’t.

Things further away aren’t so bad as up close and of course there is the glare.  Further off things don’t look as bad, they are a little clearer but right now I have 20/60 vision in that eye with correction.  That’s the latest. 

About the only thing I can’t do or stand to do is mow the yard.  Other than that things are pretty normal.

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I’m actually pretty worried about how long I’m spending in front of the computer. My eyes start to get really sore and tired. I simply forget how long I’m staring at the screen. I know I should be more careful because I really don’t ever want to end up getting any kind of surgery. I find it very scary.

White backgrounds were made by the devil – hate them too I love the old ms-dos black background or the blue with yellow text borland pascal

It will over time unless something major happens. Having the silicon in my eye doesn’t help. Hopefully when that gets removed I can get a more accurate prescription to get things corrected. Thanks!

Keep on keeping on brother. I assume the vision should correct as swelling goes down?

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