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Preview of New Detroit Office Furniture @ Quicken Loans

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Quicken Loans | Posted on 12-12-2009

This past week I was onsite at my employer, Quicken Loans.  This coming April we will be moving to downtown Detroit into the Compuware building (exciting!).  There is a lot of planning taking place such as data centers, furniture, etc. 

I was in meetings all day Monday and Tuesday but when I came back out to our area, the floor was ripped up and the cubes that were a row over were GONE! A crew was installing new carpet and the new cubes so everyone on the 4th floor could see first hand the new office furniture going into our new Detroit office. 

After things were finally setup on Friday I whipped out my camera and recorded a preview of the furniture with one of our team members. 

In the video you will see the old cubes (the brown ones) and then the new ones, along with the new carpet.  Things look a little messy because everything was in mid shuffle but everyone so far seems to really like the new chairs and of course the tables as you’ll see.


Did I mention we are hiring?  We have several .Net Developer and SQL DBA positions open and are actively hiring other positions as well.  That means you can enjoy sitting in one of these if you are hired!

Interested?  Contact ME directly and we can kick the process off.  NOTE:  We move FAST, so be prepared for lightening speed.  How do you contact me? Email me at the address below:

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I thought our cubes were bad. Cool video though Keith!

I’ve sat in one of that particular model of Herman Miller chair before, and they are REALLY comfortable. One of these days when I have thousands of dollars in expendable income, I’m gettin’ me one. 🙂

It is about building teams and having team interaction. Privacy is overrated. Just ask Google or Facebook. 🙂

Wow talk about no privacy. I thought our cubes were bad. Cool video though Keith!

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