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Tonight is game night

A few weeks ago Ellen and I had to go to Jackson for the weekend to a piano contest she was judging. Since we had to leave for two nights we needed someone to watch our dogs while we were away. Two of Ellen’s students, Carlena and Shea, agreed to watch the dogs for us but we had to have game night...

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Deep Fried Bytes Episode #43: Talking OData and SQL Modeling Services with Douglas Purdy

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in MVP10, Podcast | Posted on 04-02-2010




In this episode, we sat down at PDC 2009 with Microsoft’s Douglas Purdy to discuss all things data. Do you remember Oslo from the previous PDC event? Well Oslo has been rebranded to SQL Server Modeling Services to help developers store and manage models for the enterprise. Modeling Services enables you to more productive when building and managing data-driven applications. We also get the low down from Douglas on a new web protocol for querying and updating data called OData.