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My Visual Studio Color Settings

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Visual Studio | Posted on 05-03-2010

Several people asked me today what settings I use for Visual Studio after I twittered the following earlier today:


Here’s what my environment looks like.  I use a dark theme.  I can’t tell you how important this was for me after I had eye surgery.  Still is, I can’t stand a lot of glare.


And here is a web.config file view. Very simple color scheme.


If you’d like to try this theme out then download the file below.  Within Visual Studio go to Tools->Import and Export Settings to import.  The changes will be immediate.  Let me know what you think.

UPDATE 3/6/2010

Shawn Wildermuth pointed out that my colors for editing XAML files was horrible.  I don’t edit XAML much and when I opened a XAML file it was as if I was viewing a color scheme designed a 2nd grader.  He was right.  Shawn took my file and updated it and now it is much better. Thanks Shawn!

Thus here is latest version with the XAML fix.


Comments (7)

I am loving this theme!! Thanks for sharing perfect theme I have ever found

Helo ..  i have  been used  this   with VS 2010 and i like it …  cheers

/ Alem Bristric

Thank you for this great tutorial.

I don’t see anything wrong with what he’s got, I just switched over. I really like it. Nice work!

thanks for sharing, but I think comments are comments and those should be green!

Tim, thanks, I just updated the file. For some reason IIS was blocking the file now, wasn’t yesterday. Thus I moved it. Should be good now.

The settings file link “on my computer” yields a 404 error. looking forward to trying it out, tho. I always liked dark themes.

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