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My Infatuation With the Word "Bytes"

I just noticed something this morning. I have an infatuation with the word “bytes”.  Yep. I just recognized that.  I had a #TwitterTribe member visiting from Tennessee last night and after we migrated to the computer we started talking about past blogs and other stuff.  We were discussing...

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Deep Fried Bytes Episode #48: Web Development with ASP.NET MVC In Action Authors

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Asp.Net, Podcast | Posted on 06-04-2010




In this episode we caught up with the team that wrote the book ASP.NET MVC In Action: Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman and Jimmy Bogard. The guys discussed the book, what drives their passion around ASP.NET MVC and what is in store for this huge change in ASP.NET development.