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VirtualBox Hangs During Installation – Close DropBox

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Programming | Posted on 22-01-2011

I spent several days off and on trying to get VirtualBox to install (version 4.0.2 to be exact).  After numerous things I started shutting down everything to see what was going on.  Turns out after I shut down DropBox the install proceeded.  Up until that point it would only get to about 85% of the way through installation and would disconnect from my local network. 

Hopefully this will help someone down the road.  Oh and if you have any other installation problems, please don’t ask for help here as I am sure I do not know the answer. 

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Thanks! It is disappointing that almost four years after the original post, the Virtualbox setup still gets stuck when Dropbox is running. I am on Windows 8.1 and ran into this issue today.

continue doing such great work


Dropbox didn’t solve it for me, so I went though running services and killed some. Things kicked off for me when I killed the java vm.

Thank you very much! Bizarre problem.

thank you! waited over 15 minutes… closed dropbox and installation done. 🙂

Thank you very very much!!! I had wasted so much time on this before I saw this post.


thanks – worked! 

Incredible, thank you!

Fantastic – this is still the fix under Virtualbox 4.1.2 on Win 7 x64. The minute I closed Dropbox it finished.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

I didn’t have to kill Skype; only Dropbox.

Thank you. I also had the same issue. Tried VirtualBox versions 4.1.10, 4.1.8 and 4.1.6 multiple times. Only after reading your blog and closing Dropbox did the installation finally succeed. Bad Dropbox bad.

Thanks a million! I also had to kill Skype.

Thanks for for figuring that out. I hate it when other software causes problems like that.

You solved a very serious problem I had. Thank you, thank you very much.

Thanks. Solved the problem for me too.  Silly that!  Was trying everything under the sun before your useful info.

Thank-you. Solved the problem for me.

Thanks elder!!!

it works fantastic!

Thanks a lot! I already switched my virtual machines to another PC to be able to work again before i found your post.

Superb and this is really helpful information you have shared here.

Wow, this was really helpful. Totally unexpected. Thanks a lot for the insight.

Thanks! saved me today!

Thank you!

I’ve actually had this problem several times and would never think it would be dropbox causing the issue…

Funny, I was had done the install three or four times getting locked up at the same point right after the internet connection was shut down. They really need to include a “oh yeah, stop dropbox a sec” line in there somewhere. Thanks for the post!

thank you so much The article is worth reading, I like it very much. I will keep your new articles.

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