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Southeastern Louisiana Speaking Tour Next Week!

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Community, Presentations, Speaking | Posted on 06-04-2011

I will be speaking at two .NET User Groups in Louisiana next week.

Greater New Orleans April 12th

The first place I’ll be speaking is on April 12th at the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group which meets in Metairie, LA. Here I will be doing a talk on Silverlight, RIA Services and Entity Framework.


Building the Nullius Filius of Twitter and Facebook in Silverlight, RIA Services and Entity Framework


Let’s imagine for a minute Twitter and Facebook had a passionate love affair and produced a child (nillius filius) named Johnny. Although Johnny was born from web-based parents there was a genetic defect that caused Johnny to be born a Rich Internet Application (RIA). In this talk we are going to look at the lessons, trials, tribulations and successes Johnny had growing up being a Rich Internet Application. We’ll take a look at the journey of building a REAL Silverlight application  (Johnny) for the enterprise (not some simple demo) and talk about the pain, the joy and lessons learned. Hopefully we’ll answer the question: “Is Johnny happy with himself or does he wishes he was born from different parents so he wasn’t a RIA.”

Hammond .NET User Group April 13th

On Wednesday I’ll be speaking at the Southeastern Louisiana University campus for the Hammond .NET User Group. Since this group is mostly students I thought the best thing to do was an intro class to get everyone up to speed about .NET. After that I’ll do a Q&A and we’ll see where that leads us.


Back to the Basics: What is .Net?


No other name in history has confused more people on the planet than when Microsoft named their development platform .NET. For a lot of developers .NET remains a mystery and it is often confused with many things. This session goes back to the basics and is a primer for anyone that is starting at ground zero with .Net. In this session we’ll look at what .Net really is, the benefits of the platform, bust a few myths and show some sound reasons why you should consider it as a platform and look at lots of demos. At the end of the session, hopefully we’ll answer one of life’s most puzzling questions: What is .NET?

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