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Keynoting at DevLink 2011

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Speaking | Posted on 18-07-2011

I’m honored this year to be the closing keynote speaker for DevLink 2011. I’ve been involved with DevLink in many ways over the past years and when John asked me to keynote, I couldn’t say no.

Now the fun part, coming up with something worthy enough to share with a broad audience.

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for awhile about something I have wanted to share with developers. Really this has to do a lot with what I talk to someone about when I am mentoring/coaching them to grow as a person so they can do the surrounding parts of their job better.  What I mean by *surrounding* is sure we code and there are things we can do to make that better but there are other things we do as well like write emails, talk on the phone, and communicate/interact with human beings.

These points along with some others (I have some code examples as well) I want to discuss. For example, did you know developers have to be salesmen too? Many I have talked to find the thought of this repulsive but it is true. I learned this at an early age (even have a few stories about it) and I’ll explain why and how this is important.  

I don’t want to give the whole farm away so to speak but just know I’m working hard for everyone attending DevLink to really give you something to think about on your flight/drive back home.

Also, I’m doing a two day workshop before DevLink:

Two Day Workshop August 15th-16th, Chattanooga, TN – Introduction to .NET – .NET From Scratch

Can’t wait to see everyone!

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