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Speaking at SQL Saturday #234 Baton Rouge August 3rd

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, C#, Speaking | Posted on 30-07-2013

Prepare the crawdads and gumbo because I’ll be in Baton Rouge, LA this coming Saturday doing some talks at the SQL Saturday #234 event!

I’m planning on doing two talks Saturday as well as recording some http://deepfriedbytes.com episodes if time willing.

Here’s the talks I’ll be giving and more about them.

Channeling Your Inner Forrest Gump – Simplicity is Genius

In this session we’ll take a break from code and focus on the other skills developers need called Soft Skills. We’re going to go deep on what "Simplicity is Genius" really means from the eyes of Forrest Gump and look at many of the life lessons Forrest was trying to teach us in the movie. After attending this session you will learn how to better communicate with team members, provide value not only to your business but also your profession, the importance of being nice, and how to leverage techniques used successfully by salesmen backed by scientific research so you can ultimately… tell IT like Forrest Gump.

That’s right, I’m bringing the GUMP to Baton Rouge. No prerequisite required to attend this talk and you don’t even have to be a developer! I gave this talk at DevLink a few years ago as the keynote and I’ve given in another time or two in smaller settings and each and every time I give it it hits home with many in the audience. You don’t want to miss this one I promise.

Building an English-Based Rules Engine using the Dynamic Language Runtime and IronRuby

In this session we will explore writing an English-based rules engine that allows developers to create domain-specific rules for an application that can be easily understood by anyone. We will use a combination of C# and the DLR (dynamic language runtime) with IronRuby on the .NET platform to create a way to write, manage, and process rules for an application.

If you’ve ever wanted a simple way to store and process business rules whereby you can still read them come to this talk. It is geeky, it is fun and practical. We’ve already created four different interfaces to this at work and are using it in production (with some enhancements of course) so it isn’t just theory.

Hope to see you there and feel free to follow http://twitter.com/sqlsatbr via Twitter.

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