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Catching up

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, General, PHP | Posted on 18-12-2002


I’ve been extremely busy lately and have been wanting to make needed changes to the site. However, clients are demanding projects get done, students want their tests graded and my dog wants to go outside to use the bathroom. Everything seems to just pile up and pile up doesn’t it? Well, I’ve been away for sometime so let me get you caught up on what is going on.

PHP with Apple’s Developer Tools

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Open Source, PHP | Posted on 10-07-2002


Many of you who have talked to me recently know of my excitement about OSX. I would switch to OSX today if Steve would buy me a new Mac, otherwise I am going to save my money and keep using a PC. Today though, long time Mac user shepardzone sent me some information about the new PHP development tools which are available for OSX. I quote “I thought this was kinda neat. Those silly NExT/Apple guys have a coding/CVS environment that includes graphical versions of UNIX tools you probably use all the time. Makes me wish I had OSX here at work.” Be sure to checkout the screen shots!

PHP Job Posting

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PHP, Programming | Posted on 23-05-2002


I received a phone call from Community Connect, the creators of Black Planet and other online commmunity sites (very big sites with lots of users) yesterday asking me if I knew any PHP developers looking for a job. That is an understatement right? I cannot even go to the grocery store without someone asking me if I will get them a job or know of anyone hiring for PHP. Anyway, before I get into a “why you shouldn’t pickup a PHP book and read two online tutorials and go around thinking you are a PHP developer” session, check out these 2 jobs which are available in the New York Manhattan area. If you are out of work and want to relocate this is a GREAT opportunity.

New Proposed PHP Functions

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff, Open Source, PHP, Programming | Posted on 04-04-2002


These are a little late for April fools day, but none-the-less these are funny. We made these up whilst sitting around the office back in the summer. I thought I would put them out now, we’ve had them long enough. Hope you have a good laugh.

New PHP Book by Rasmus from O’reilly

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Open Source, PHP, Programming | Posted on 04-04-2002


I was on the Internet today talking to Rasmus, the creator of PHP and he was talking about his new book. I managed to get a few juicy nuggets out of him about the book and who it is intended for.