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Ruger P345 .45 ACP Pistol

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Man Toys | Posted on 02-09-2006

Ruger P345 PistolAfter paying my Jeep off last week I had some extra cash to get something I have been wanting to get for a long time and that is a self defense pistol. After looking, thinking, researching, reading, talking to friends and getting everyone’s input under the sun, I finally decided on the Ruger .45. While no one person recommended this particular model, the reviews on it were great and it had a lot of safety features I wanted. I picked the gun up at a local store in Hattiesburg called Big Buck Sports. I had visited the store about 5 times before making a purchase and each time I went into the store, I dealt with the same kind gentleman at the store. His patience with me, my questions and his immense knowledge is what kept me coming back. Before purchasing the Ruger I probably looked at over 100 different types of pistols at various merchants and gun shows. I looked at Glocks, Sig Sauer, CZ, S&W, FNH and more. Each one I looked at was either priced really high, didn’t offer single and double action, didn’t have the safety features I wanted or were really big and bulky. I was looking at either .40 or .45 caliber and depending on the gun I found is what I would wind up with. One thing that everyone told me that I talked to was either to purchase a .40 or a .45. The .40 has more velocity and is considered to offer a great combination of knock down power, velocity and less recoil. However, the .45 offers more knock down and stopping power. After arriving at Big Bucks yesterday evening I walked up to the counter and started searching the counter for new guns that may have come in. I didn’t notice the Ruger at first but it wasn’t long until the sales associate pointed out they had just gotten it in the day earlier. Upon picking up the P345, it immediately felt as if I was picking up a pistol I had owned for several years. The grips just felt natural and were fitted to fit my larger hands. The size of the P345 is even great for a conceal and carry weapon as well. It isn’t as big as other .45’s (which was one reason I hadn’t initially settled on purchasing a .45). After investigating the pistol things really started to shine about the P345. For starters there are four safety features on the gun. More than any other .40 or .45 I had looked at. Here they are:

  1. Ambidextrous safety – The safety is located on both the left and right side of the gun. I’m right handed so having it on both sides doesn’t really matter to me, however, the location of it is natural and easily excessible with the thumb. It feels very easy to pull out of a holster and flip it off.
  2. Unobtrusive safety lock – On the right side of the gun, when you put the safety on there is a whole whereby you can take the lock provided by Ruger in the case and lock the safety on the gun. There is no way to fire the gun at all once it is locked.
  3. Chamber loaded indicator – On the top of the barrel there is a loaded indicator that rises once a bullet is in the chamber. This is a great safety feature which provides a quick and easy way to know if the gun is loaded. And not all guns have this type of indicator but you see it a lot on Rugers and I like it a lot.
  4. Magazine disconnect safety – This feature seems to be controversial among different gun owners but one that is admired by those in law enforcement. If the magazine is dropped out of the gun, the gun will not fire at all, even if a round is in the chamber. The gun functions as normal but just doesn’t fire. For those in law enforcement this is a welcomed feature. If the officer is about to loose control of his gun, he can eject the magazine and render the gun useless.

Safety Lock

As you can see, Ruger has put a lot of safety features into this gun. The size, safety features, and the price of $419.00 (less than a truck payment) is what put me over the top to purchase this model. Most everyone that has a self defense gun agrees that an unloaded gun is a useless gun. Being able to keep the gun loaded while still maintaining safety is important to me and the Ruger makes that possible. So far I’ve only put one round through it but the trigger pull was smooth and not heavy. The recoil was very manageable as well. All in all I’m very pleased with the quality, price, and saftey features of the gun and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a self defense pistol.

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I love my P345 so much. Its my favorite gun & i know i can never part w/ it!

you can find ruger p345 in twin pines inc. with a branch stores located @ Robinson Galleria in Ortigas and in Ali Mall Cubao

I love my P345. It seems too like any ammo (my Colt doesn’t like hollow points) and is a lot lighter than a 1911. It shoots as well as any gun I have ever fired and has less recoil than the Colt. It is very easy to clean and maintain and I can field strip it in around 5 seconds. I did notice at the first cleaning that the gun was very dry, no gun grease anywhere even though Ruger recommends using grease on the slide (check out the cleaning video at Ruger’s web site). After I cleaned and greased it I could feel a difference in the action of the slide and I would bet that it may even reduce the recoil a little bit. I would recommend the P345 to anyone looking for a 45acp pistol.

I bought my P345 about 6 months ago. I’ve put about 1,000 rounds threw it never once had a miss fire or any other problems with it. I love the safety features. The recoil is very light compared to other handguns and is pretty accurate. I would defiantly suggest this gun. I love my P345

Had my P345 for some time now. Didn’t like the rail so I carefully removed it. Gun is really sweet and more accurate than I had imagined it would be. Best buy around. I use a Fobus holster.

I have been reading your blog last couple of weeks and enjoy every bit. Thanks.

that’s really a fantastic post ! ! added to my favourite blogs list.

Hi for any one looking for larger clips there is a place try grips clips and mags .com with no spacing they have 10 and 15 round clips for ruger p345 pistols.

I Have one of these but the slide lock keeps jaming the gun open after 2 to 3 shots? can anyone help me fix it? not sure why it keeps jaming up like this…

I am a PROUD owner of a P345 I love the gun it hits everything I shoot at. I guess I am going to have to take it to my gun smith to have a rail mounted on it for a lazer since Crimson does not make one for the grips. But what a great handgun.

I can say I have not, I’ve shot a lot through it, no problems.

May be rounds you are using or perhaps just a manufacturer defect? Maybe?


i just bought my p345 and it has jammed on me at least 3 times but besides that, its a good gun. has anybody else had the same problem with it jamming?

With all the good comments you fed, I become interested with Ruger p345. Can you help me find the stores where I can find the Ruger p345 in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila. Thank you.

the ruger p345 is the best 45 out there. it is a whole lot nicer than the glock 45 cal. after the first round and then the single action trigger pull is very, very, light. just like the ruger p95. Great Pistol.

I do not like the long, hard trigger-pull on the pistol

I got 345 Rugar, it james every 5 shots. I was so disapointed. I don’t even know what to think. Everyone seems to thing that it is a great guy, but not from my experince.

Joseph McGee,

FOBUS sells a right side belt holster for it. It will accomodate the gun even with weapon-mounted light on it.

i really like the features of this gun. and im looking forward to purchase this in the next month. im from the philippines and i really like it even if i havent have it yet…. any of you out there knows if i purchase it in the states??? it costs here about 38,000.00 pesos or 700 dollars.. thanks and more power to ruger users


My P345 shot to the left out of the box, but the group was tight. Adjusted windage of rear sight and is good now. More than accurate enough for personal defense, at least out to distances where you ought to be switching to your rifle/ carbine. I use this as my CC weapon, I take it everywhere. Have over 750 rounds through it and has only failed to feed twice, both times was cheap Wolf steel case from same clip. It was after shooting 200 rounds of the Wolf, so the gun was getting dirty too. Quick tap and rack fed it, and immediately shot several more clips after it without cleaning with no problems. Maybe undercharged previous round or misshape… don’t really know but not concerned. As a test, I shot several clips with mixed ammo, FMJ, JHP, different brands, steel, brass, aluminum- all without a hiccup. I really like this gun and the price NIB is right. Light recoil for .45, relatively light weight, comfortable to CC, and really like having the laser/ light mounted on the bottom rail when it is sitting in my nightstand.

Purchased one last Sat. Have only shot it once at about 10 yards in a creek bank. First round of Independence cheap brass ammo made a hole about half dollar to dollar size in the damp clay. Next shot just made it bigger. Emptied that short loaded mag of 7 rounds followed up with a mag of 7 rounds of Blazer, Allum allow casings and the group was still within 4 inches. No problems with either ammo here just as one expects with a Ruger.

I owned another model of caliber .45, but when I saw Ruger P345 I changed my mind and I’m sure that I am going to purchase one, very nice made and quality.

To Jay- The P345 will accept .45 ACP 1911-style magazines. You just have to dremel- or better yet have a gunsmith create a mag notch in the 1911 mag so the P345 mag catch fits in the new notch. The Ruger notch is slightly smaller and will be placed below the 1911 towards the mag base.

I shoot a bit to the left as well. Probably me, and how I am sighting. Bad methods…

I am a new gun owner, so I blame myself more than the gun. I imagine if I gave it to Mas. Ayoob he’d put all 8 rounds into the red dot at 25ft.

Very happy with mine… but can ANYONE tell me were in the US can I find a 15 round mag for this pistol????

i like this gun too im from pilipinas

I had put 500 rounds and never had a problems with it. I really like, almost not recoil; however seems to me always that it shoots slightly to the left. What I do is just move my shoot a little to the right and problem solved.
Esay to clean, easy to carry. Too much safeties on it, but for some people that is very fine. I like it.

i have one aswell , and i love this gun very, very , nice and shoots like a 380 acp i had. you can hit a 32oz bottle from 30 yards no problem and thats your average shooter. and thats shot after shot close to the bottle once its in a million pieces haha but anyways it is very accurate good for C,C good for a starter 45,ACP awsome choice for anyone

great handgun to have bring it with me werever i go. got it new for just under $400.00

I am trying to find a hard cased right hand belt holster. Can you please point me in the right direction.

Great weapon, light. little recoil. I love it! Nice medium size 45. Now if the great state of Illinois(Chicago) would let us have a conceal carry law.

I am ready to purchase a gun and will definately check out this P345. I want a 45 and this sounds like it would be perfect weapon and within budget. I, too, looked at S&W and SigSauer, priced too high for what I need.

I recently purchased the P345 and put 200 rounds through it the day I bought it. It comes with 2 clips and I put Blazer aluminum casings in one clip and Winchester brass in the other. The aluminum jammed twice in 10 shots and the brass didn’t jam once in 180-190 shots. My girlfriend has never shot any pistol before and she loved it, shooting rather well.


I’ve been a proud owner of the ruger p 345, I am happy that I am able to put a light on it, it’s small grip good for guys with small hand like me. It shoots well.

I bought my p345 new, and I really like it, It shoots nice and smooth, and very little kick. Trigger is very smooth which helps keeps the gun on target. I have probably put close to 500 rounds through it.

I have the same model as you. I have put about 150 rounds through mine and I am very pleased with the quality. For such a large caliber gun, it shoots like a smaller one. Great choice!

It is funny, when I’ve target practiced with mine, I shoot it naturally low. I had a buddy of mine that is somewhat of a professional shooter and he taught me that it was my stance which was throwing my vision off down the site of the barrel. Once I got that down, no problems.

purchased the same model… am pleased but it shoots a lil high for a personal carry. shoot it more than once and see how it performs for you!
P.S. I bought mine new for 359.00 with same features as yours in KY. But price means nothing when it comes down to survival!!!

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